Technical data:

ControlSiemens 808D/GSK 980
Swing over bedmmφ360
Swing over carriagemmφ230
Max work piece processes the lengthmm330
Travel axis X/Zmm110/370
Spindle boremmφ 52
Spindle speed rangerpm4500
Spindle nosemmA2-8
Max. spindle torgueNm47
Rapid speed X/Zm/min15/15
Quill travelmm100
Shrank sectionmm25x25
Number of tools in the headszt8
Quill diametermm60
Quill taperMT4
Power of main motorkW5,5
Repositioning accuracy X/Zmm0,005/0,005
Packing sizemm2100x1480x1830
Weight machinekg3300

Additional information:

  • Warranty: 12 months
  • We offer an warranty and post-warranty service
  • Installment or leasing

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