Tokarka INTERCNC IA480



Technical specifications:

ModelIA480 Series / 560,760,1000,1500,2000
Avg. swing over bed470 mm
Avg. swing over carriage280 mm
Distance bed of the spindle axis235 mm
Max. rolling length560,760,1000,1500,2000
Avg. rolling in selecting the sternum690 mm
Width of bed300 mm
Mounting bracket spindleASA D1 -6 / D1 8 (optional)
Hole of the spindle58 mm / 80 mm (optional)
Taper of tailstock spindle center holeMT 6 / MT 7 (optional)
Spindle speeds20~2000 rpm (no-steps) Spindle bore: 58 mm / 40~2000 mm (no-steps) Spindle bore: 78 mm
Range of inch threads (kinds)4~56 TPI
Range of metric threads (kinds)PO.5~P7
Range of longitudinal feed0.05~0.82 mm
Range of cross feed0.02~0.4 mm
The diameter of the ball screw35 mm
Leap ball screw4 TPI or 6 mm
Cone in tailstock sleeveMT4
The range extension tailstock150 mm
Diameter of tailstock sleeve68 mm
Main drive motor7,5 HP (5,625 KW)
Pump cooling system1/8 HP (0,1 KW)
Transversal245 mm
Machine dimensionsLength: 165,189,215,265,317 / Width: 81 / Height: 122
Machine dimensionsLength: 182,198,223,279,337 / Width: 95 / Height: 162
Net weight1540, 1720, 1800, 2075, 2380
Gross weight1640, 1820, 1900, 2250, 2530

Additional information:

  • Warranty: 12 months
  • We offer an warranty and post-warranty service