Technical parameters:

Working area1260*3060*80 mm
Travelling Size1640*3400*250 mm
TransmissionZ ball screw, X/Y rack pinion
Table structureMovable vacuum cups
Spindle9.0 KW
Spindle speed24000 RPM
Multi-drilling systemvertical 14 + horizontal 3 +saw 2
SpeedEM travelling speed : 80000 mm/min
EM working speed : 25000 mm/min
Driver and MotorsServo drivers and motors
Working voltageAC380V/3PH/50Hz
Operating systemSYNTEC
Net weight4000 KG
Gross weight4500 KG


  • Furniture: Solid wood furniture, Solid wood door, Decorative materials, Cabinet doors, Computer tables, Mah-jong table, Panel furniture, Office furniture, Wooden sound box, Wooden kitchen utensils and so on.
  • This CNC Router also could be used to produce Non-metallic mold and Auto Styrofoam mold.

Suitable material:

MDF, Wood, Plexiglass, PVC panel, double-color sheet, Copper, Aluminum, Man-made marble, Crystal etc

Standard Configuration:

  • Italian HSD 9.0KW ATC spindle
  • 8 positions rotary tool magazine
  • Aluminum alloy extrusion & movable vacuum cups
  • vacuum Pump
  • Multi-drilling system: vertical 14 + horizontal 3 + saw 2
  • DELTA Inverter
  • Servo system
  • Helical rack pinion
  • SCHNEIDER Electronic Spare Parts
  • THK Linear Rail
  • Two parts of working area controlled separately
  • SYNTEC control system
  • ROUTER 8 software
  • 3P 380V 50HZ